Crisp-Coated Signature Chocolates
with a Peanut Heart (12 packs)

A crunchy peanut nestled in our signature chocolate, with a colorful crisp coating. Heavenly layers of pure indulgence for a decadent taste experience.

1.2oz (35g) packsBox of 12$22.00

Discs of Signature Chocolate
Enrobed in Crisp Shells (12 packs)

A colorful crispy shell for a delightful crunch revealing the irresistible and delicate signature chocolate inside. An exquisite moment of MiiRO wonder.

1.2oz (35g) packsBox of 12$22.00

Crunchy Spheres
Dipped in Signature Chocolate

Available soon!

A crunchy biscuit hugged by a luxuriously thick layer of our smooth, signature chocolate which will instantly start melting in your mouth…a pure moment of bliss to lift you up at any time of the day.

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