Serves: 8-10 Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge bites
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Rest Time: 1- 2 hours

Fudge is known for being one of the most indulgent desserts. Super rich and soothingly sweet, delight is felt in every bite. We use dark chocolate, which is vegan friendly, to create the body of this wonderful treat. The added peanut butter makes for a creamy and nutty after taste which just tips you over the edge in terms of deliciousness! If you really love sweet desserts, we recommend adding maple syrup to naturally sweeten the peanut butter chocolate fudge to your preferred taste preferences.



1. Break up the chocolate into small pieces and add to a heatproof bowl.

2. Microwave the chocolate for a few minutes until melted, then mix in the soft peanut butter and maple syrup with a spoon.

3. Transfer into a cake tin (we used a 22×12 cm loaf tin) and top with the MiiRO crisp coated peanut chocolates.

4. Refrigerate until set (1-2 hours), then cut into slices.


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In the next recipe, we will be releasing some vegan and gluten free gummies that are great for sharing with kiddies and friends.