Serves: 6 frozen banana popsicles

Prep time: 15 minutes

If you’re looking for a healthy summer dessert- we’ve got it. Summer is our favourite time of year filled with fun, friends and great food. Forget about popsicles filled with nasty additives and sugars and switch to MiiRO’s 3 ingredient frozen banana popsicles instead. Bananas are naturally sweet and excellent source of vitamins and potassium. Just what your body needs to stay fit and healthy. Once frozen, you can coat this wonderful fruit with your favourite toppings, making them a quick and easy go to snack best enjoyed in warm sunshine.


*You will also need popsicle sticks for the base.


1. Slice the bananas in half, insert a popsicle stick and freeze for 3-4 hours.

2. Melt your dark chocolate and set aside to cool slightly.

3. Dip your frozen banana popsicles in the melted dark chocolate, then sprinkle with the chopped MiiRO chocolate and coat generously.

3. Freeze again until the chocolate is set.


At MiiRO we enjoy creating wonderfully delicious recipes catered just for you. Our frozen banana popsicles are vegan and gluten free making them a great go to treat if you are looking for a healthier alternative. Perfectly plant based, these sweet treats will leave you feeling happy and healthy. Be sure to tell us if you try this recipe and let us know your thoughts! You can reach us anytime across our social channels Youtube, Instagram and TikTok. For more wonderful recipes, as well as wellbeing and fitness tips, be sure to check out our blog here.

In the next recipe, we will be releasing a vegan and gluten free cheesecake that is the perfect show stopper at any party. Even your non-vegan friends will be asking for a second serving!