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The MiiRO Sampler
Simone Stocks
Lacking flavor

I really wanted to love this sampler. I was hoping that the peanut butter cups and the chocolate bars in particular would settle a nighttime sweet tooth, but I found myself being unsatisfied. My husband, however, enjoyed the sampler enough to eat it, but I hate to say that these products are not for me.


Very tasty and unusual - unusual in the sense that they taste super sweet but magically have less sugar. Love them!

The MiiRO Sampler
Zach Bluemer
Just Peachy loves Miiro!

As an ingredient or a snack, you need to try this!!!

The MiiRO Sampler
Channon Ronkainen
It was amazing!

Loves it so much.

The MiiRO Sampler
Josie Hernandez
Love it

These products are amazing and they help keep me on track. Great for low calorie eating or diabetic, keto, WW. I can’t wait to try all the products. I like using them in my oatmeal, pancakes etc.

The MiiRO Sampler
Healthy Chocolatey Goodness

Miiro plant based Chocolates are super yummy and healthy. My favorite one is dark chocolate 🍫
Mirro plant based Maple Syrup is soooo good. I used it in stir-fry pineapple tofu and pancakes. Highly recommend Miiro Plant Based Chocolates.

Chocolate Sampler
Sylvia Kitchen

I got a white choc bar and a milk choc bar and the peanut butter cups! Best vegan “milk” choc ive had ! Will definitely be ordering more.

The MiiRO Sampler
Jaane Abidog
Worth package

I like to use their dark chocolate chips & peanut butter chocolate chips, they're tiny compared to others, and you can use them to bake or eat them straight, They're very easy to melt inside the mouth. Super low calories & low sugar! I like the part where almost 0g sugar!

The maple syrup is so perfect for making bread or cake, a great subsitution for sugar.

Chocolate Sampler
Michael Laituri
Peanut butter Cups were delish

Thanks for making some treats that don’t ruin you days nutrition goals.

Loved the chocolates!

I was very impressed with my box. It was hard to believe that they were dairy free and keto!


I am such a fan of this brand. I have already tried the peanut butter cups, peanut butter chocolate, peanut butter chocolate chips, and dark chocolate baking chips. Everything has been so good so far! I would definitely recommend.

The MiiRO Sampler
Xen Heying
Yummy and great for all uses

The chocolate tastes amazing!! The texture, flavor, and value are all there. I’ve baked with them, melted them and eaten them plain and they are great all ways. I love that these are lowcarb and plant based without after taste!! These are a staple in my pantry!

The white chocolate is yummy!

I loved the white chocolate bar! Even though it’s dairy free it was creamy, it had a deep almost maple flavor and crunchy almonds, you can really taste the cocoa butter.

The peanut butter cups are outstanding!!

These peanut butter cups are delish! I can’t believe they’re keto and vegan! They are creamy, perfectly sweet, have a beautiful texture and no artificial sweetener taste! I’ll 100% order again!

Perfect variation and great flavor!

I love being able to find a company that makes quality and delicious baking products with quality ingredients! Highly recommend starting with this sampler pack!

Peanut Butter Cups
Antonia Garner
Smooth and creamy

Great tasting, just like a regular sugar full peanut butter cup but without the guilt of eating sugar. Natural sweet taste, smooth and creamy. My very suspicious towards my sugar-free chocolate collection daughter loved it. She could not tell a difference between the regular store bought version and this one.

Great chocolate bar!

If you are in search of a great "milk" chocolate that is vegan and sugar free you have just found one. The peanut taste is subtle and not overwhelming. The sweetness is just right and it tastes like regular sugar sweetener. No strange flavors. Creamy like dairy milk chocolates.

I am impressed!

This maple syrup is amazing. Great tasting, no funky flavors, just like the real thing. I have purchased before the Lankanto sugar free maple syrup and I was not satisfied. This one is absolutely great tasting. I am so happy I found it!

The MiiRO Sampler
Samantha Lay
Love it 💕

The sampler box is awesome! Love it not to sweet and taste just like the real one!

The MiiRO Sampler
Danielle Hayda
Amazing products!

I loved everything. The chocolate was very delish.

The MiiRO Sampler
Rajesh NarayanaSwamy

The MiiRO Sampler

The MiiRO Sampler
Julia & Shane
The Miiro Sampler

Guilt-free and suuuuper delicious!!!

Thank you,
Think Plant-Based!

Perfect Plant-Based Chocolates

This sampler is delicious. The chocolates are not too sweet nor too bitter but creamy and tasty, way better than the real thing. I almost forgot that they’re plant-based and dairy-free chocolates! I highly recommend this sampler pack!

Great Plant-Based Chocolates!

Not only are these products plant-based and delicious, but they're also inventive with flavor! Vegan white chocolate is hard to come by, so it's great to see it as an option. Would definitely recommend it all!

The MiiRO Sampler
Curtis Jones
The perfect sampler

With everything that came in the sampler i will say this is the perfect bit of everything that has to be offered. Currently I've only tried the peanut butter cups as well as the peanut butter baking chips and they both have great flavor. I've never been a person that went out of my way for vegan products, but if they all taste like this I'm totally on board