We took a dream that heavenly could be wholesome and poured our creativity into making it a wondrous reality

Welcome to the world of MiiRO, a place filled with wonder and wholesome indulgence

MiiRO was born when co-founders Rym and Elias sought to reduce their refined sugar and processed food intake, whilst still satisfying their particular sweet tooths. As everything they found on the market was heavily processed & high in sugar, they re-invented well-loved treats by offering healthier and plant-based alternatives that are still truly irresistible.

Delicious plant-based treats from 100% honest ingredients

Ever since launching in 2017, MiiRO challenged the idea that vegan foods are bland and uninspiring by creating delicious plant-based treats from 100% honest ingredients. The wonderful and curious world of MiiRO reflects the brands ethos: it inspires to take the time to pause and wonder (which is what MiiRO means in Latin!). Wonder is making better choices taste like heavenly pleasures.

Our promise to you...

... is to always be plant-based, wholesome and delicious. We make heavenly pleasures, so you can treat yourself better.