Summer is here, frustration is high, and fear is among us. After a lot of research on how to travel safer during covid-19, we present you the 6 best tips we could find.


1- Stay (and Shop) Small

This is the perfect time to explore small boutique hotels and holiday lets – smaller-sized accommodation means less exposure to people and more ease in distancing safely. Airbnb is our go-to for homes away from home, or Mr & Mrs Smith for smaller hotel stays!

Staying in places like these not only mean you are more in control of your health, but you will also be supporting small businesses and individuals in a difficult time.

Bonus: contact the hotel or apartment owner to ask them if they plan to leave the property empty between 2 rentals.


2- Ask About Cleaning

Reputable hotels and home stays are now re-evaluating their cleaning methods if necessary. Look out for those who have employed cleaning specialists who are experts in anti-viral sanitation – these should give you the peace of mind you need to relax while away!

Bonus: Ask what kind of cleaning brands they use and make your own research about those brands.


3- Get Out into Nature

Many of the usual pubs, restaurants, museums and attractions might still be closed or offering limited access, but there are so many natural beauty spots to explore, and these are a great place to start! Shopping nearby for picnic treats and settling in the great outdoors makes for easier distancing and a chance to discover places you might not usually gravitate to.


4- Take a Cleansing Kit

Packing a cleaning kit wherever you go will offer you a little extra security. Antibacterial spray and wipes, cleaning cloths, hand gel, masks and gloves will fit nicely into your suitcase to use wherever you might need them.


5- Check the Cancellation Policy

With lockdown rules changing constantly, many hotels and homestays are updating their cancellation policies, but make sure that you book with someone who offers at least 72 hours cancellation.


6- Try a Staycation

If the idea of flying doesn’t appeal to you right now, use this time to explore the holiday spots you’ve been coveting closer to home!