The current situation with the spread of Covid-19 is most like something that many of us have never experienced before. We’re all feeling afraid and confused and uncertain, and this is completely normal. 

It’s more important than ever now to stay in touch with your feelings. When you are practicing social distancing, you are in some cases, distanced physically from your support system, and by yourself, leaving any anxious thoughts to reverberate off each other and amplify. If you are feeling this way, in some situations there isn’t a lot that you can do, but you do have some control over how you deal with and react to those situations. Here are some tips for coping with Covid-19 anxiety:

  1. Stick to Trustworthy Sources – It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with rolling updates – make sure you’re getting your information from official channels. 
  2. Take a Step Back – If you don’t allow yourself a break, things can feel exaggerated and can make you feel worse. 
  3. Be Sceptical of Gossip – It leaves too much room for anxious guesswork.
  4. Reach Out – Stay in contact with your friends, family and colleagues remotely. 
  5. Seek Support – Let someone know if you are struggling.
  6. Stay Positive – Keep things in perspective, and use your time indoors to do things you enjoy!
  7. We’re All Going Through It – You are not alone in these big changes, try to be mindful of others too. 
  8. It’s OK to Feel Sad – This won’t be forever, be kind to yourself and others.


Just know that you aren’t alone in this, and that we are all in the same boat. We’ve rounded up some resources to help you to manage these concerns and some others that you might be having. 

  •  Apps like House Party, Netflix Party and Zoom are helping to bridge the gaps we might be feeling during social distancing, however, you may want to spend some downtime away from social media apps if you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • We love Yoga with Adriene for a huge selection of videos that you can follow along to get some exercise and clear your mind. Meditation is another great way to get away from it all when you can’t physically do so – Headspace is a great resource for this, as are these daily meditation tracks.
  • Of course, the guidelines set out by the government outline the steps that everyone in the UK should be taking, and the changes we should be making in our daily lives in order to keep ourselves and others safe. Refer to these, and make these changes, and you will be doing your part. 

Stay tuned on our Instagram Stories, as we’ll be continuing to share tips and inspiration for this period of social distancing!