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No Added Sugar Maple Flavored Syrup

So good!

The syrup tastes really good! I substitute it anytime a recipe calls for maple syrup or honey or when my morning oatmeal needs a little sweetness.

Like eating vaguely chocolate flavored wax

offensively bland

Chocolate Sampler
Gary Lanyi

It’s ok i thought the taste would be l better.

Tasted great

Thought I could have these because I am avoiding chocolate because of migraine. But didn't work out and the ingredients must still have enough Cocoa to make me react. Taste great !


I am vegan, health conscious, and try to keep my sugar intake to a minimum. However, I love pancakes with maple syrup. Miiro syrup is SO delicious! I seriously can't believe how low the sugar and calories are given how yummy it is. My husband and I make protein pancakes almost every day and put this syrup on them. I cannot recommend Miiro syrup enough to anyone who has a sweet tooth but is trying to decrease sugar intake. 11 out of 10!

Peanut Butter Cups

Dark chocolate chios

Very good tasting vegan chocolate

Not for me

I did not like the texture or flavor.
Sorry to have to say that.
I prefer deep dark 80% chocolate.

MiiRO sampler

We loved the MiiRO Sampler we got! Very tasty and satisfied our chocolate 🍫 needs! You would never know it’s better than regular candy for you! Very good taste! We love it!

The chocolate Tastes waxy but the filling is good

I liked the filing, but wasn’t a fan of the chocolate part of it. It tasted waxy and didn’t melt easily.


Wonderful flavor and a healthy treat!

The MiiRO Sampler
Taylor Mackay

The MiiRO Sampler

Peanut Butter Cups
Teresa Lees

These are awesome I just wish they had a tad bit less fiber! Thank you for a yummy sweet I can have.

The MiiRO Sampler
Heather Raymond

The MiiRO Sampler

Chocolate Sampler
Teresa Lees
Love the peanut butter cups

The peanut butter cups are delicious, the bars are good also but too much fiber for me.

Excellent Product

A perfect treat, love the taste, a perfect swap for one we used to pick up at the grocery store. I really like the ingredients. Customer Service was impeccable when we had a small delivery issue.


Ordered the sampler and so fat what I have tried is excellent. My favorite is the white chocolate bar. Not too sweet. Hits the spot

So delicious!!

It’s about time there was a healthier peanut butter cup that rivals the old high sugar brands. I love them so much, I got a monthly subscription. Treating myself with these from now on! Love you, Miiro!

So delicious!

If you want a delicious, creamy, satisfying peanut butter chocolate bar that doesn't spike your blood sugar, look no further!

The MiiRO Sampler
Catherine Yushina
It’s absolutely delicious

We loved everything! And I’m not even a sweets person. From chocolate chips to peanut cups - it’s flavorful yet healthy. Love it!

The MiiRO Sampler
Chantal Khoury

Hi guys,

I am obsessed with Miiro. There is so much flavor and its plant based. It blows my mind how much quality is in this product! will get this again especially the chocolate pb cups :)


The sampler pack gives you just enough to taste all of the goodies! Love the variety of sweets and treats they offer and looking forward to trying them all. Would definitely recommend the sample pack to anyone wanting to try a little variety.

The MiiRO Sampler
Christina Wilhelm
Everything was great

MiiRO sent me a sample box to try and everything was wonderful. We really enjoyed the peanut butter chips! Will order from them again

The MiiRO Sampler
Simone Stocks
Lacking flavor

I really wanted to love this sampler. I was hoping that the peanut butter cups and the chocolate bars in particular would settle a nighttime sweet tooth, but I found myself being unsatisfied. My husband, however, enjoyed the sampler enough to eat it, but I hate to say that these products are not for me.