The plant-based lifestyle healed me. My journey started when I got really burnt out at work. I started to feel that my previous diet had negative effects on my mental state, so I decided to begin a personal journey toward a plant-based lifestyle. I started to see improvements in my sleep, productivity, digestion and even my mood. This journey has healed me and changed everything for the better. 

Shifting to a less sugar diet was a decision that would change my life. My pregnancy caused me to develop a desperate need for high-quality vegan sweets. I developed gestational diabetes, so I needed an option that still fit with my plant-based preferences, but also had low or no added sugar. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any alternatives that satisfied my cravings for rich, creamy chocolate—every low sugar chocolate that I tried was bland and sad, leaving me feeling worse than before.

I started doing extensive research, reading every R&D report I could find until eventually, I became an expert on the subject matter.

What Can MiiRO Do For You?

Finding vegan-friendly, low-sugar alternatives and recipes that don’t sacrifice flavor can take a bit of effort.

We’re particularly proud of our special white chocolate, something that is otherwise very difficult to find quality vegan alternatives for. We also don’t use palm oil in any of our delicious sweets because we choose quality ingredients instead—all without having to incorporate added sugar. 

MiiRO’s Continuing Mission

Our name, MiiRO, comes from the Latin miro, meaning “To Wonder.” That’s what we wish for all of you—that our chocolate helps you rediscover the carefree childlike wonder that makes life so special.

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