Why Ditch Refined Sugar?

Refined sugar discreetly conceals itself in the majority of products we eat daily. You may be surprised to discover that even non-sweet treats contain high volumes of processed, refined sugars including bread, pasta, store-bought sauces and even healthier options like peanut butter.

Our ethos is to create healthier decadent treats, and our mission is to do this with natural ingredients. We’re passionate about MiiRO being refined sugar free, so let’s break down the importance of this for you and why you should ditch refined sugar for good.

Understanding Sugars

A typical dessert contains either refined sugar (which comes from sugar canes that need to be heavily processed to extract the sugar) or more often a high-fructose corn syrup which is a chemically produced sugar. Both have no nutritional value and are instead just empty calories.
When a product is “refined sugar free” this means that only natural sugars have been used. Unlike the chemically produced and sugar cane versions described above, this natural alternative uses fruits as its source of sweetness. Foods with natural sugar play an important role in our diets as they provide essential nutrients that keep the body healthy and prevent disease.

The Difference on the Body

Refined sugar is rapidly broken down when consumed. This harms the body because it causes blood sugar levels to skyrocket artificially . When this process occurs your pancreas kicks into gear and releases insulin in an attempt to balance out your blood sugar levels. This inevitably leads to the dreaded sugar crash, whereby a longer lasting slump replaces your momentary boost. To top it off, refined sugar is broken down and digested so quickly that the body does not feel full or satisfied.

Why MiiRO does it differently 

We use coconut sugar and Italian grapes to sweeten our ice cream naturally. Coconut sugar and grapes have a lower glycemic index (GI of 54 and 53 respectively), compared to refined cane sugar (GI of 60). Food with low GI values are digested and metabolised at a slower rate, prompting smaller fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin levels. Coconuts and grapes both also contain nutrients, unlike refined sugar, such as minerals and antioxidants.

It is important to not let sugar become the enemy. No one nutrient is the devil, it is all about high-quality sources and balance. Make sure to check your food labels thoroughly and when in doubt, look no further than nature’s treats; like juicy fruits and heavenly nut butters which are all naturally sweet.

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