Survive Daily Stress - the Mindful Way

If you are kept up at night by the daily stress of work, you are not alone. More than 40% of adults agree that the troubles of work follow them home. But the key to preventing overwhelming feelings of stress throughout the day is not as out of reach as it may feel.

Stress-free Schedules   

We must cultivate productivity in order to sustain a full 8 hours of work. Going flat out without allowing for recovery is a fast track way to burning out. Research has shown that the brain can operate for 90 minutes of intense concentration and then a brief period of recovery is needed. This allows the body to alleviate the build-up of stress and rejuvenate.

The recovery can be as simple as grabbing your work bestie to seek some fresh air, or taking a moment to enjoy your favourite healthy snack.

Mind over Matter

The great English writer Virginia Wolfe once said, “When you consider things like the stars, our affairs don’t seem to matter very much, do they?”. It’s important we remember to keep ourselves grounded by keeping hold of perspective. Key notions to uphold include; try to be positive and accept the things you can’t change. Try writing down three things you are grateful for, whilst focusing your energy on what you do have control over. Throughout the day remember to breath and live in the moment whenever you feel that stress creeping back over you.

Eat Right

Fuelling your body with the correct nutrients will reduce the stress on your system by increasing serotonin production and stabilising blood pressure. Nutrients also influence the neural circuits that control emotion, motivation and mood- all key players that need to be kept in check throughout the day. Drinking enough water can be overlooked when you are busy and stressed. But dehydration leads to your body being unable to perform normal functions such a memory and attention. Keep a bottle of water next to you at all times to keep hydrated, aim to drink 2L per day!

Stress-free Environments

If you find yourself getting home and carrying the weight of work on your shoulders don't worry. Simple efforts such as lighting a candle will all help you create an environment that feels comfortable to unwind in. Essential oils and aromatherapy are proven to help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety. They will also leave your home smelling gorgeous!


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