Podcast Episode: Vegan Talks with MiiRO CEO Rym Selmi

Are you a vegan and a chocolate fan who's also trying to ditch sugar from your diet? Look no further as MiiRO Founder and CEO Rym Selmi happily shared about her passion for creating plant-based chocolate alternatives for people who are living a vegan lifestyle and trying to educe sugar intake. 

Rym was very glad to have been a guest on Avrora's Podcast, hosted by Fitness Coach Avrora Gunko herself. Rym happily shared her plant-based journey, and how she ended up building her own plant-based company that creates delicious chocolates and baking goodies. She also shared some tips for those who are just starting with the vegan lifestyle.

Listen to the full episode here and don't forget to subscribe to Avrora's Podcast on Spotify! 



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