Podcast Episode: Rym Selmi, CEO of MiiRO Plant-based

Like all the new vegans, MiiRO CEO and Founder Rym Selmi did not skip the challenging parts in switching fully to the plant-based diet, especially because of her sweet tooth that would always crave for chocolates treats.

Rym was very happy to have been interviewed by Meg and David of The Average Vegans Podcast, where she shared her  amazing vegan story, and why she chose to live a vegan life (and she's never going back!). She also shared some tips for people who are just getting started with the vegan lifestyle. Lastly, get ready to be  amazed by all her unique baking tips in creating delicious plant-based desserts!

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You can also find it here:

Podcast Episode: Rym Selmi, CEO of MiiRO Plant-based 


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