Podcast Episode: For Vegan Chocolate Lovers

They say that one of the hardest things to give up when beginning a vegan lifestyle are the sweet treats - especially chocolates. But do you really have to?

Listen to this podcast episode of The Fit Vegan as MiiRO CEO Rym Selmi talked about her vegan journey and how her love for both her health and sweets made her create MiiRO, a company that offers plant-based chocolates and baking goodies. This episode was hosted by Fitness Coach Luckie Siguion.

In this episode, Rym happily shared:

  • The power of food and the diversity of plant-based milk
  • The big difference on your body when going dairy-free
  • All about MiiRO, its history and its vegan low-sugar delicious goodies
  • MiiRO's current and future products
  • Veganism over the years 
  • Steps on switching to a healthier lifestyle

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