Podcast Episode: Creating Plant-based Sweet Treats

If you think that switching to a vegan diet would make your sweet tooth lonely, frown no more because we guarantee you that a lot has yet to be discovered in vegan baking for creating plant-based indulgent desserts. 

MiiRO Founder and CEO Rym Selmi was very pleased to be in an episode of The Whole Food Vegan Podcast with hosts Mark and Sue, where she shared some tips and tricks on vegan baking, and even on creating healthier plant-based delectable recipes with no added sugar. This episode is equipped with lots of helpful information for plant-based bakers:

  • how to be creative in vegan baking
  • rediscovering taste as a vegan
  • dealing with gestational diabetes and how food impacts this
  • creating plant-based, delicious recipes with no added sugar
  • helping beginners get baking
  • replacing sugar without any loss of sweetness and remaining plant-based
  • how to substitute cows milk and maintain the indulgent fat content
  • tips and tricks for vegan baking, including making vegan caramel with dates (see the recipe for vegan sniickers)
  • replacing eggs in baking

Listen to the full Podcast episode here and subscribe to The Whole Food Vegan Podcast on Spotify for more helpful hints on how to get and make enticing vegan meals.

 You can also find the episode on the link below:

The Whole Food Vegan Podcast: Episode with MiiRO CEO Rym Selmi

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