5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Day Off

Working in a busy city, with a busy schedule can sometimes make the social pressure of ‘doing more’ unbearable and a day off seem unreasonable. It's not uncommon for Friday to come around and the idea of making another decision can seem impossible. If your mind boggles knowing that everyone else seems to have had the forethought to pre-arrange activities, then this article is for you.

Struggling to take a day off? This list can be used as a ‘maintenance tool box’ by picking the activities which will re-charge you and re-frame your mindset. Here’s how to have a satisfying day off and start regaining your inner balance.

1. Last Minute Classes

With sites such as ClassPass, it has never been so easy to book a same day session. This is perfect for several reasons; you can wait to see if you’re in the mood for some high intensity boxing or perhaps a more calming yoga class on the day. It also means you can book the class for the time and location which actually suits your body clock (no more resentment of the optimistically booked 8am class last week).

2. Get to Know Your City

The beauty of this is, you don’t need a plan or agenda. Treating your neighbourhood as if you were a tourist gives you chance to explore, discover beauty in your surroundings and see your neighbourhood in a new light. It’s important that we look up a little more often, you never know what hidden treasures you may stumble across.

3. Have a Digital Detox

Who needs to see what everyone else is doing with their day off anyway? Imagine a whole day where you don’t have your attention taken from you at regular intervals. The influencer marketing agency Mediakix has revealed that the average person will spend 5 years and 4 months on social media in their lives. When you compare this to the 1 year and 3 months average amount of time spent socialising in a life time, then the statistic is pretty shocking. Claim your time back and limit FOMO in one fell swoop.

4. Il Dolce Far Niente (the sweetness of doing nothing)

Well, not literally nothing. But there is gratification to be had by slowing down and enjoying good food (think Julia Roberts in Italy for Eat Pray Love). Try settling down for the evening with that book you've been meaning to read or explore local take-away options that are hearty and wholesome without the hassle of a messy kitchen. If you need some inspiration, here are our top recipes for you to treat yourself better.

5. Do Something Brave

Nothing brings on a sense of accomplishment like tackling something daunting. We recommend the new slightly quirky wellness trend of cold-water swimming to provide some amazing health benefits. Going for a dip at your local lido is great for when you’re lacking in energy or need some metal clarity. We love the Grade II-listed Art Deco classic, Parliament Hill Fields Lido which has notoriously chilly water.

Feeling like a day off is critical?

Take a breather! Trialling and testing our 5 ways to make the most of your day off techniques is guaranteed to help you de-stress, unwind, and chill out when you need it the most. Of course to round off a very satisfying day, MiiRO ice creamis here to provide a natural and honest sweet treat so you can end a day off on an innocently indulgent note!


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