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4 reasons why MiiRO is the best option

Low sugar

Satisfy your cravings while maintaining your blood-sugar level

Low carb, keto-friendly

Keep up your diet goal with our delicious low-carb and keto-friendly chocolate treats


Reduce your animal product consumption with our scrumptious plant-based alternatives (we use nut mylk and nut butter, no dairy)

No empty calories

No longer need to compromise your diet thanks to those satisfying treats. One serving will keep you satisfied.

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The MiiRO Sampler

The MiiRO Sampler

3 oz (85g) bar
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" I really enjoy what Miiro is about and the fact I'm able to still eat some of the things I used to love, now with my new way of eating (keto). Miiro has shown me that I can have my cake and eat it too, or in this case peanut butter cups. I love the fact I feel guilt free and have a great snack that has helped me in my weightloss journey, where I have lost 300 lbs. I dub myself an amateur baker so the baking chips have really come in handy. I am happy Miiro is around. "

Curt J

7-day 100% happiness guarantee

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Popular questions

I’m Rym, the founder at MiiRO. I’ve tried all the no added sugar chocolate you can find on the market and something struck me. Why is there either a strong aftertaste or a different mouthfeel due to the sweeteners? A chocolate bar is a chocolate bar. period. It's one of the challenges I set for myself coming up with the best chocolate experience that would challenge a chocolate connoisseur.

I've developed a blend of natural sweeteners made with stevia, erythritol and chicory root fibre that would fool the most sceptical people. We do not use any artificial sweetener whatsoever. What I discovered and that surprisingly enough no brand talks about is that quality matters so much when it comes to sweeteners. If you choose the wrong sweetener your experience will be ruined and you might end up with stomach cramps. Our stevia is purchased directly from the farmer. Our chicory root fibre is slightly fermented to avoid any tummy ache. We buy high-quality erythritol and we add just enough to deliver the best taste profile.

While most companies market their dark chocolate as vegan (which it is by definition since otherwise it would become milk chocolate), we decided to go the extra mile and to replace milk by nut mylk. MiiRO chocolate provides the creaminess, smoothness and same experience you would get in a conventional milk chocolate, without the milk. The extra benefit of using plant-based nut mylk is the nutrition you get with nuts. They are healthy and naturally rich in protein and minerals. It also gives the bar a delicious nutty taste.

Yes, absolutely. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will have 4 days to make a claim from the day you receive your order at home. We have detailed all the boring policies here.

We do not add any form of sugar to the product. The limited amount of sugar is the naturally occurring type and can be found in very small quantities, for example through the nuts.

Yes, all our products are vegan / plant-based. Because of that, we’ve developed a unique know-how and are able to create a unique and delicious vegan version of the all-time crowd pleaser milk chocolate and white chocolate.

YES. We donate 10% of our sales to the less fortunate. It is a cause that is very dear to my heart as I spent time in various places of the world where hunger was very present. Because we’re plant-based we also contribute to a healthier environment too.

the MiiRO sampler

experience all the wonder MiiRO offers from our delicious chocolate range to our scrumptious baking goodies