Vegan Gift Baskets: Best Gifts to Give

Are you tired of giving the same tired gifts to your friends and family? Is it hard to figure out what to give people in a world where most people buy what they want whenever they want it? A vegan gift basket is the perfect solution. 

Vegan products often get a bad rap for being tasteless and uninspiring, but that’s just plain not true. Whether the receiver of the basket is a vegan, interested in veganism, or has never even heard the term, they will be delighted to experience the joys inside their basket, and you’ll be the lucky one who gave it to them. 


What Is a Vegan Gift Basket?

Generally, when you give a gift basket, you mix a bunch of different items that align with a common theme. When you create a vegan gift basket, that theme is veganism. Not only should the food you include be vegan, but any products should be vegan as well. This means no animal products were used to make the products, including beauty supplies, textiles, and candles.


When to Send a Vegan Gift Basket

There is something magical about receiving a gift basket, knowing that whoever gave this gift to you has taken the time to create a gift that is themed and special for you. 

But did you know that the giver may feel even better than the receiver? It’s an amazing phenomenon, and it’s proof that there doesn’t have to be a reason to send a beautiful vegan basket. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and wedding showers (or even a random Tuesday when you want to show someone you appreciate them) are all great times to give a vegan gift basket. 


Who Would Enjoy a Vegan Gift Basket?

When thinking about vegan gift baskets, do you wonder who would enjoy them? The short answer is EVERYONE! Whether or not the recipient of your gorgeous basket is a vegan, they will be over the moon to receive such a thoughtful, fun gift. 

Even if the fact that it is an ethically sourced, health forward, vegan gift basket escapes them, that's okay! You are introducing them to new products in a fun way. Showing people that a vegan lifestyle can be fun and delicious might even help people who may have been on the fence make the switch to a vegan lifestyle. 


What to Include in a Vegan Gift Basket

A vegan basket can include anything free of animal byproducts, ethically sourced, and humane to animals. Many food options seem apparent (for example, you wouldn’t include charcuterie), but you should also make sure the foods you include are free of all dairy, eggs, and gelatin. These ingredients might be hiding in unexpected foods like marshmallows and cookies. 

Many vegans are just as passionate about the environment as they are animals. When making a vegan basket, the environment should be top of mind as well. When purchasing textiles, consider looking for sustainable or organic cotton


Examples of a Themed Vegan Basket

Vegan gift basket

Check out these suggestions for your next vegan gift basket if you’re stumped for ideas. That said, with your creativity, the sky's the limit.


The Love Bird Basket

There is a lot of gift-giving during someone’s wedding. They are likely to get all of the kitchenware, small appliances, and home decor they could possibly need. If you are heading a bridal shower and want to give them something different, a vegan gift basket is a perfect option. Setting up the lovely couple with an Italian dinner night in is sure to make the wedding planning a little easier.

In this basket, include gluten-free pasta and your favorite vegan pasta sauce. Adding two cute aprons for the couple and an Italian vegan cookbook will provide them years of fun in the kitchen making delicious meals. 


The Baker’s Basket

Vegan baking isn’t tricky, but it can be intimidating before you learn more about it. If you are looking to give a gift to someone who loves to bake or is new to vegan baking, this is a great option for them. It’s also a fantastic gift for someone who just moved into a new house, a birthday, a holiday, or a graduation gift. 

In this basket, include your favorite vegan baking cookbook and all the supplies needed to make your favorite cookie. Toss in an easy-to-use egg replacer, vegan sugar, and an assortment of vegan chocolates, like our peanut butter or chocolate baking chips, which are the perfect addition to any cookie. 

Adding in a batch of your homemade cookies will let them know how delicious this recipe is. Finding a specialty whisk or spatula adds a nice personal touch.

You may be surprised that we specified vegan sugar. Most white sugars are made with bone char to filter out imperfections in the cane sugar. That means that you have to be on the lookout for sugars specifically labeled as vegan sugars. You can also know your sugar is safe if it is raw or unrefined, organic, or made of beet sugar.


The Sleep Deprived Basket

Ah, new parents, blissfully happy and painfully tired. Find new parents a basket that can be repurposed as a toy bin. Not only will they appreciate the initial gift, but they’ll also be happy to have an easy solution to all of the many, many toys babies have. 

Include a lovely, ethically made cotton baby blanket for the parents to swaddle their new bundle of joy—or to swaddle themselves after a sleepless night. Include a gift set of your favorite brand of teas or coffee and a set of new mugs. New parents don't always have time to eat, so add in an assortment of your favorite vegan snacks. 


The Snack Attack Basket

Everyone likes to snack, right? That little pick me up around 3 pm when the workday is almost done, and you just need something to get you through the next couple hours. Filling this basket with healthy, vegan treats is perfect for the snacker in your life. 

Think about what healthy snacks you like to eat. Fresh, seasonal fruit that does not need to be refrigerated (think apples and pears) is a good option here. If your fruit happens to be apples, add in a jar of vegan caramel. They can drizzle the caramel over their apples for a treat that will take them right back to eating a caramel apple in childhood. 

Raw nuts and dried fruit are great for on-the-go snacks. Adding in pieces of our Deviously Delicious White Chocolate Bar With Crispy Almond Pieces to dried fruit and nuts will make a delicious trail mix.


The Spa Day Basket

Who doesn’t love a good spa day? The calming smells, the soothing baths, and the luxurious towels send you into a state of relaxation. Not everyone can get to a spa on a regular basis, so why not gift someone with a basket that can transform their bathroom into a chic little spa? This basket is perfect for a birthday gift, holiday gift, or even a thank you gift.

Include a set of organic cotton towels, a vegan candle, soothing bath salts, and hydrating lotion. You can also add a face mask to use while they soak in a soothing bath. If you do not know the scents your friend likes, stick to mild aromas. Not everyone loves overly scented lotions and candles. 


The Movie Night

Movie night is an incredible activity for date night or even just a cozy night in. Snuggling up on the couch with your favorite popcorn, a vegan white chocolate bar, and a cold soda is the perfect ending to a long week. It’s the perfect gift for the movie lovers in your life or a teen’s birthday gift.

A lot of popcorn and sodas on the market these days are not ideal for your health, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This basket should include the things you love getting at the theater, like organic gourmet popcorn and Wow-in-Your-Mouth Peanut Butter Cups

You can also include healthier alternatives to soda on the market, like sparkling waters or alternative sugar sodas for a sweet beverage. 

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Vegan Gift Baskets Are the Ideal Gift

Whether you are looking for a gift for a vegan or not, a vegan gift basket is a perfect option to gift people with sustainable, ethical, and animal-free products. Vegan gifts can be given to parents, teachers, love birds, and new parents. 

At MiiRO, we love giving the gift of healthier, plant-based alternatives to traditional treats while still being irresistible. 



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