About MiiRO: Vegan and Keto-Friendly Chocolate & More

If you’re wondering why I created MiiRO, look no further. I’ll detail my story below so that you can understand exactly why creating vegan, low-sugar chocolates was so vitally important to me. 

What Is MiiRO?

I ventured into the world of vegan sweets in 2017, when I began to notice the lack of suitably delicious, vegan-friendly treats available for purchase.

I was working a busy and demanding job in London at the time, which meant that my diet consisted of whatever was available on short notice, usually fast food. I found myself working around the clock, sometimes 9 am to 4 am shifts, seven days a week. It wasn’t long before I burnt out, and shortly afterwards, I decided to quit my job. 

I wanted to heal. I felt miserable all the time. I felt exhausted. Exhaustion was in no small part due to my habitual dependence on sugar. It became an addiction. Rather than having lunch, I began to rely on sugar for an energy boost, in the form of everything from biscuits to chocolate, and...ice cream. 

Realizing the toll that my eating habits were having on my mental state, I decided to begin a personal journey toward a healthier lifestyle. It was a journey that would change my life. 

I wanted to reconcile myself with my body, and it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I didn’t cut out sugar completely because, to me, that was impossible, but I at least decided to reduce the amount of sugar I would eat.

I started by going on a dairy-free diet and gradually began to drift more toward a plant-based diet as time went on. As I started a new job, I continued my search for suitable alternatives to my favorite treats, especially ice cream. But nowhere in Europe could I find a plant-based option to sate my cravings.

So I made my own. 

A Calculated Solution to the Chocolate Conundrum 

MiiRO first began, as so many things do, with support from my friends and family. They insisted that this ice cream I had made for my personal cravings was delicious enough to put it out there for the rest of the world to enjoy. Thus, the seed that would become MiiRO was planted.

I started doing extensive research, reading every R&D report I could find until eventually, I became an expert on the subject matter. The vegan chocolate covered ice pops were a massive hit at launch. 

MiiRO wasn’t just a product. It was a mission, and that mission would soon begin in earnest. We wanted to convince people to switch to plant-based alternatives by showing them that those alternatives could be not only just as good, but even better than the conventional products. Once they realized that, more and more people would realize the benefits of a plant-based diet. 

The more time I spent on my plant-based diet, the more apparent the benefits became. Not only was it better for the environment, but it was also causing me to lose weight and have healthier skin.

When I moved to the United States, I realized that it made sense to start with chocolate itself, not just ice cream. There were already plenty of solid plant-based alternatives to ice cream in the U.S., so I didn’t feel I needed to add another one to the market. I decided to pause and consider what other directions we could go in. It was when I became pregnant with my first child that MiiRO would finally develop into something tangible once again. 

My pre-existing love of chocolate paired with the cravings from my pregnancy caused me to develop a desperate need for high-quality vegan sweets yet again. I developed gestational diabetes, so I needed an option that still fit with my plant-based preferences, but also had low or no sugar added. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any alternatives that satisfied my cravings for rich, creamy chocolate—every low sugar chocolate that I tried was bland and sad, leaving me feeling worse than before. That’s when I put my passion, creativity and extensive knowledge of chocolate to good use. 

While growing in Europe, I became something of a chocolate connoisseur. Belgian and Swiss chocolates are praised worldwide, but they are far from the only major chocolate contenders on that side of the pond. MiiRO drew inspiration from these artisans as it began to set down roots in the US—all the while avoiding animal ingredients and added sugar.

What Can MiiRO Do For You?

Finding vegan-friendly, low-sugar alternatives and recipes that don’t sacrifice flavor can take a bit of effort. But with the right ingredients, it can become a whole new way to get inventive and try exciting new meals. 

MiiRO has a range of recipes in our magazine and on MiiRO TV that you can use toward that end. The innovative way our low-sugar chocolate is crafted sets us apart from many other vegan companies in terms of the quality and flavor of our sweets. 

Take our usage of nut mylk, for example. Whereas most vegan chocolate companies can only create purely dark chocolate, MiiRO also adds nut mylk into our recipes, allowing us to make lighter, creamier chocolates that are still vegan, gluten-free, and keto-friendly. 

We’re particularly proud of our special white chocolate, something that is otherwise very difficult to find quality vegan alternatives for. We also don’t use palm oil in any of our delicious sweets because we choose quality ingredients instead—all without having to incorporate added sugar. 

If you are looking to bake your own sweet treats, MiiRO also makes baking chocolate, so you can have your own gooey chocolate chunk brownies, suitable for vegans and gluten-free dieters alike. MiiRO wants to provide a way for people to add some wonder and whimsy to their diets.

MiiRO’s Continuing Mission

Our name, MiiRO, comes from the Latin miro, meaning “To Wonder.” That’s what we wish for all of you—that our chocolate helps you rediscover the carefree childlike wonder that makes life so special. 


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